Robocup Win For Boys’ School

August 19, 2019 at 10:43 AM

Last week, Robotics teams from around Auckland gathered for the 2019 Auckland RoboCup Competition, which entailed teams of students quickly programming robots to navigate a range of challenges.

This year, the Boys’ School Robotics Club entered three teams in the Open Division of Robo Soccer event which involved ‘soccer’ teams, with two robots on each side, competing against each other to control and ‘kick’ an infra-red transmitting ball into the opposition net. All the club members spent many lunchtimes designing, building and programming their robots in the months before the competition to hone their skills and quick decision making. Robotics offers ‘five subjects in one’ as it draws on the boys’ skills in Science, Computer Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to meet the challenges. Using Lego Mindstorms EV3 Education Kits, the boys work on different challenges each week, collaborating in small groups to design, build, programme and test their robots.  Students who undertake robotics are challenged to be creative in their design of programs and to develop excellent problem-solving skills. On the day, the competition encompasses not only these skills but also encourages sportsmanship, the sharing of ideas and teamwork.

After a tense day of competition, the team comprising Luca McKeown, Eason Paini and Tom Peters took their place in the final round, winning their event 3-2 to finish the day as Auckland Regional Champions in the Open Soccer. Well done boys!

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