The Roaring 20s College Ball

October 22, 2020 at 10:15 AM

From limousines to vintage cars, our Year 13 students and their partners made their way to Elliot Hall on Saturday in style, for an unforgettable night of socialising and dancing at this year’s Ball.

Decorated in fairy lights, drapes, feathers and stunning chandeliers, Elliot Hall was transformed into a magical, ‘Roaring 20s’ themed ball venue for the first time since 2008. From the moment our young men and women alighted their vehicles in their stunning evening wear and formal suits, they were taken aback by the amount of effort that had gone into transforming the Hall.

Every year, it is the Student Council’s job to bring the evening together, and each year the students set the bar higher than the last. Organising such a large event requires a lot of work and many months of planning. This year has been particularly challenging with all the disruptions of Covid-19, making it a very satisfying moment when each Council member could put down their ‘to-do list’ and enjoy the evening with their peers.

With an endless amount of delicious savoury and sweet food, and the dials turned up on the dance floor, the students comfortably settled in for the evening. Alongside eating, dancing and singing to their favourite songs, the students lined up for group photos in the ‘do-it-yourself’ photo booths, while official photographers roamed around capturing the action.

Each year, we recognise the ‘Kings and Queens’, couples and best dressed at the Ball. After much deliberation by the Student Council on the night, the students and staff who stood out for all the right reasons, along with the King, Queen and Cutest Couple, were awarded sashes, to their great delight!

Congratulations to:
Queens of the Ball - Moiralisa Ainu'u Aneru and Brenda Yang
King of the Ball - Judah Tapert
Cutest Couple - Katherine Fletcher and James Mercer
Best Dressed Male - Callum Clarke
Best Dressed Female - Cecilia Vatakani
Best Dressed Male Teacher - Mr Paul Venter
Best Dressed Female Teacher - Ms Jodie Rowe                                                                                                                                           

Our sincere thanks to the Student Council for the dedicated and detailed work they undertook in planning the Ball. This is an enormous undertaking and one they can be proud of!

Student Council:  Lulu Denholm, Will Bason, Hayden Joyce, Olivia Brewster, Emma Dowie, Caitie Richards, Greer Webber, Benjamin Humphries

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