Remuera Lions' Citizenship Awards

November 23, 2012 at 2:26 PM

Congratulations to Elizabeth Fletcher in Year 8 and Lucy Frazer in Year 6 who were the recipients of this year’s Remuera Lions’ Citizenship Awards. The girls were presented with their badges last Thursday evening in a ceremony at Dilworth Junior School.  Citizenship awards are presented each year by the Remuera Lions’ Club to pupils, selected by their school, who can best exemplify the ideals of this code.

Junior Citizenship Code

  • Honest in word and deed
  • Friendly and helpful towards other people
  • Generous with you time and talents for the improvement of your community without thought or personal rewards
  • Courteous and well mannered
  • Respectful towards senior citizens
  • Willing to accept responsibility
  • Sympathetic towards those in distress, the weak and the needy
  • Careful with your criticism
  • Liberal with your praise
  • Determined to build up, preserve, not to destroy
  • Loyal to your city, community and country
  • Prepared to accept criticism of yourself and be willing to improve 

Elizabeth and Lucy are worthy recipients of these awards and I congratulate them on being selected as representatives from our School.  The Junior Citizenship Code is a poignant one for all of us (adults included) to follow in our daily lives and dealings with each other.


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