Reflecting on Legacy at Founders Day

January 31, 2024 at 9:46 AM

The commencement of the school year ushered in the second-ever Founders Day, marking sixty-five years of delivering Presbyterian Boys’ School education. Students and staff were joined by members of the Trust Board and Old Boys to reflect and commemorate the progress made since that first day of school in 1959.

Head Boy Harry Simpson shared a summary of the history of Saint Kentigern Boys’ School in under sixty seconds – an impressive feat and thorough overview for the students. Chaplain Rev. Reuben Hardie gave a blessing to the school, and together, the congregation joined for a prayer. However, it was Principal Mr Peter Cassie’s address that left a great impact on attendees.

What will be your legacy?

Mr Cassie posed this question to the students and attendees of the annual Founders Day. He reflected on individuals who left a remarkable legacy at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School, the question was a natural progression. Citing individuals such as John Martyn Wilson, whose vision led to the bequest of the school's initial property, Roselle House, to the Trust, and Mr Warwick Macky, who dedicated thirty-eight years of faithful service as Chairman of the School Board, Mr Cassie provided tangible examples for the students to emulate.

As the school year unfolds, there exists an opportunity for introspection and deliberate action. Mr Cassie’s challenge to consider the impact one can have on others resonates strongly, urging the boys to look beyond themselves and aspire to make a meaningful difference. It is our hope that the students of the Boys’ School begin their year with a deep sense of duty, determined to leave a legacy worthy of remembrance.

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