Records Tumble at Boys’ School Swimming

March 08, 2018 at 3:39 PM

With one of the hottest summers on record, the school pool has provided some very welcome relief for the boys this summer. From the first day back at school, the swimming programme got underway in earnest, so by the time the Junior, Middle and Senior School swimming events came around, the boys were ready to dive in and give it their best.

There is a huge amount of organisation that goes into these days with well over 200 separate races to get organised, involving marshals to get the swimmers to the starting blocks, race-starters, time-keepers and results recorders and, of course, the boys themselves - every single one of them had the chance to swim!

The Middle School was the first for a taste of competition – a day when umbrellas lined the banks as parents sat in the rain to watch. Not such a pleasant day for the timekeepers but we owe them our sincere thanks!

The Junior School declared they were ‘too good for noodles!’ Testament to the strength of the swimming programme at the Boys’ School, this year there were no ‘noodle races’ at the Junior School swimming championships, as all the Junior School boys have progressed to swimming unaided or with a flutter board under the watchful eye of Year 8 students. Way to go Juniors!

The sun shone brightly for the Senior School swimming. Our Year 7 and 8 boys powered through the water in some fantastic races. Despite the competitive streak to win, it was great to see them ‘high-fiving’ each other at the end of each race!

Congratulations in particular to the three boys who broke five records! Mark Galloway broke the Year 7 25m backstroke title (17.03), whilst James Crosbie broke two Year 7 records in the 50m butterfly (35.37) and 50m backstroke (35.84). Year 8 swimmer, Jackson Kennard also broke two records with his impressive wins in the 50m butterfly (36.28) and 50m breaststroke (40.00)

Well done to all our champion Boys’ School swimmers. We now look forward to the relay event in two weeks’ time!


Overall Champions




Year 1

Austin Watson CH

Matthew Burns HA

Bruno Dickinson CH

Year 2

Austin Zhao CA

James Zhang HA

Kane Clarke CH

Year 3

Benjamin Durose CH

Harold MacCulloch CH
Harry Lynn CA


Year 4

Toby McFarlane CA

Toby Wigglesworth CA

Hugo Bricklebank HA

Year 5

Max Trankels HA

Thomas Campion HA

Theo Colyer CA

Year 6

Oscar Bower WI

Tom Butler CA

James Hiddleston HA

Year 7

James Crosbie CA

Luke Gibson WI

Mark Galloway HA

Year 8

Jackson Kennard WI

Thomas Hunter HA

Brendan Meyer HA

















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