Record Breaking Leofe!

December 02, 2020 at 3:26 PM

Having broken the Boys’ School long jump record with a whopping 5.14m leap during the Senior School athletics championships, Year 7 champion, Leofe Usufono went on to win the Eastern Zone 100m, 200m and long jump, and then continued his winning streak to break two Inter-Zone records with blistering 100m and 200m races! Running the 100m in 12.40sec and the 200m in 25.28 secs, Leofe now holds two new record-breaking times! He also won the Inter-Zone long jump and joined Joe Hayward, Angus Paterson and Max Trankels to form the winning relay team.

The Boys’ School fared particularly well at the Eastern Zone Athletics for Years 7-8 and the Remuera Zone Athletics for Years 5-6, with a number of podium places, before the seniors headed to the Inter-Zones for a fairly clean sweep!

Well done boys!

Year 7
100m - 1st Leofe Usufono  RECORD  12.40
200m - 1st Leofe Usufono  RECORD 25.28
Long Jump - 1st Leofe Usufono     
Relay team - 1st Joe Hayward, Angus Paterson, Max Trankels, Leofe Usufono

Year 7 Zone Results
100m - 1st Leofe Usufono
200m - 1st Leofe Usufono, 2nd Angus Paterson 
400m - 1st Angus Paterson 
1500m - 3rd Ben Worrall
Long Jump - 1st Leofe Usufono, 2nd Angus Paterson 
High Jump - 1st Nico Stanley
Relay - 1st SKBS

Year 8 Zone Results
200m - 2nd Sam Jancys
400m - 2nd Ari Taylor
800m - 3rd James Hiddleston
Shot Put - 1st Luka Makata    
Relay - SKBS 3rd

Year 5 Results:
60m - 3rd Severyn Yushchenko
100m - 2nd Harold MacCulloch
200m - 1st Harold MacCulloch, 3rd Severyn Yushchenko
High Jump - 3rd Ben Durose
Ball Throw - 2nd Samuel Nichols, 3rd Sam Boddy
Long Jump - 3rd Harold MacCulloch
4x100m Relay1st SKBS

Year 6 Results:
100m  - 2nd Henry Deacon
Long Jump - 2nd Ethan Mora
High Jump - 3rd Joe McLeod
Ball Throw - 1st Hugo Bricklebank, 3rd Will McLeod

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