Reading in Strange Places

November 04, 2014 at 1:40 PM

The College Library ran this competition over the last week in October, looking for the most original picture of someone Reading in a Strange Place. (We thought that the long weekend over this period would provide some opportunities for experimentation!).

Photos were submitted online to the Library, and displayed on our OLE page, and in the Library itself. We were impressed with the photographs submitted – many of them showed creative flair (with just a hint of danger) but we all agreed that the winning picture belonged to Athena Bond.

Her lovely photo was simple, and had all the elements we were looking for: it was original, she looked absorbed in her reading, and we loved the ‘nest’ she appeared to have created for herself.

We were going to award just one prize, but could not let Suzie Riggs’ photo of the ‘Search for the Queen Bee’ go unrewarded. It was a fabulous montage of photos and text that told a subtle and humorous story.

Thank you to all those who entered the competition, and congratulations to the winners.

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