Preschool Atelier Bustling with Life

March 28, 2024 at 4:54 PM

At Preschool we are very fortunate to be able to harness our teachers’ strengths and talents in various ways. Specifically, we have been able to enrich our learning programme within the Visual Arts. Our dedicated art room or atelier has become a space for children to engage with art mediums and a diverse range of materials to tap into their creative potential.

The ritual of setting up beautiful provocations to sharpen the children’s sensory engagement with resources has led to fantastic pieces of art. From delicate kawakawa leaf printing to group canvas paintings, the children are developing knowledge of how to use tools and mediums in purposeful ways. This term, an overarching intent has been to incorporate natural and recycled materials into these mini art projects. The children have been given opportunities to express their budding artistic talents through printing on clay; these creations highlight attention to detail along with a developing appreciation for the intricacies in the natural world.

With each project, there is a clear improvement in process as they begin to understand artistic expression. Under the guidance and support from Ms Colleen Donoghue, our very own ‘atelierista’, our children are realising their creative capabilities in ways they never imagined. Using drills and hammers to construct a cross out of driftwood inspired by our own Preschool Celtic cross was a particular highlight. We are committed to continue to maximise on our atelier space, looking to weave in creative projects to classroom learning and exploration where possible.

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