Pleasing NCEA Academic Results

January 20, 2015 at 11:17 AM

With thanks to Mr Richard Stead 

The 2014 results in both NCEA and the International Baccalaureate Diploma qualifications were extremely good with a pleasing increase in the number of NCEA students gaining Excellence Endorsements across all three levels of this qualification. Overall, the majority of our students can be proud of their achievements with the vast majority gaining their respective NCEA Level Certificate.

91% of our NCEA students gained University Entrance. (This figure will increase once the results of our IB Diploma students are added. This will be reported on shortly.)

Of further note, we have a higher number of students who have gained results to be awarded Saint Kentigern Academic Colours and Honours than in previous years, testament to student effort and acclaim of these awards.


The majority of students at Saint Kentigern College sit the NCEA and we are extremely proud the majority of our measurable indicators at all three levels of the qualification have shown improvement on the previous year. Of greatest note is the continued rise in the number of students who have strived for and attained either a Merit or Excellence Endorsement.


At Level 1 (Year 11) 98% of all the students gained their certificates with 34% attaining their certificates with an Excellence Endorsement and a further 48% gaining a Merit Endorsement.

We are pleased for the 55 students who have met the criteria the criteria for gaining Saint Kentigern Academic Colours or Honours.

Congratulations to our top five NCEA Level 1 students:

Has Brooke - Average GPA – 99.0
Cameron Low - Average GPA – 99.0
Kevin Shen - Average GPA – 97.5
Emma Westbrooke - Average GPA – 97.5
Nicola Williams - Average GPA – 97.3


Our Level 2 results continue to remain strong with 99% of all students gaining their certificates. 24% gained their certificates with an Excellence Endorsement, representing an increase of 6% from the previous year and our highest recorded to date. A further 41% gained a Merit Endorsement.

We are proud to acknowledge the 60 students who have met the criteria for gaining Saint Kentigern Academic Colours or Honours.

Congratulations to our top five NCEA Level 2 students:

Marieke Kruiswijk - Average GPA – 96.2
Rachel Worthington - Average GPA – 95.5
Scott Murray - Average GPA – 95.2
Brandon Hoon - Average GPA – 94.5
Jessica Allen - Average GPA – 93.7 


Our 2014 leavers also produced a very good set of results.  99.6% gained a Level 3 Certificate while our University Entrance success rate was 91%.  Excellence Endorsement was achieved by 14% of these students with a further 42% gaining a Merit Endorsement.

Congratulations to our top 5 NCEA Level 3 students:

Sarah McQueen - Average GPA – 96.6
Lucy Verry - Average GPA – 96.0
Sian Seeley - Average GPA – 95.6
Andrew Jackson - Average GPA – 95.0
Hannah Wood - Average GPA – 95.0 

The % of students gaining NCEA Certificates

and University Entrance

NCEA Level 1


NCEA Level 2


NCEA Level 3


University Entrance



The % of students gaining Endorsements Credits

at Excellence or Merit Level

Level 1

Achieved with Excellence


Achieved with Merit


Level 2

Achieved with Excellence


Achieved with Merit


Level 3

Achieved with Excellence


Achieved with Merit


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