Pineapples, Power, Pressure, and Physics Projects Perform at Science Fair

August 24, 2023 at 11:19 AM

The College's Year 7 students once again demonstrated their passion for scientific inquiry and innovation as they participated in the annual Science Fair competition. This exciting event, which spans the duration of a term, challenges young minds to think creatively, develop research questions, and systematically work towards answering them. The culmination of their efforts is not only a testament to their intellectual curiosity but also a celebration of their scientific achievements.

This year's Science Fair competition saw students embracing a diverse range of topics and projects, each driven by their unique curiosity. From renewable energy sources to the strength of geometric shapes, the students' projects reflected their ingenuity and dedication to scientific exploration. The following students exceeded expectations and were chosen as the top place getters for 2023:

1st Place: Esme Collier

2nd Place: Karmi Steyn

3rd Place (Tied): Isaac Wong and Will Aitken

Esme Collier's project, 'Pineapple Power,' centred around the enzyme bromelain found in pineapples. She aimed to investigate the effect of temperature on bromelain's activity, particularly in relation to jelly setting. Esme's experiments revealed intriguing insights, with heating pineapple to 90°C significantly affecting bromelain's enzymatic activity. Her work shed light on the potential applications of bromelain and the growing demand for this enzyme.

Karmi Steyn, with her project 'Mobile Eco Power,' delved into the world of renewable energy. She aimed to create an eco-friendly power source using household materials. Her inventive design harnessed the power of natural airflow to generate electricity, providing a solution for reducing pollution and addressing power shortages. Karmi's vision extended to making her invention even more effective, promising a brighter future for sustainable energy solutions.

Isaac Wong embarked on a mission to discover the 'Strongest Shape.' His project explored the weight-bearing capabilities of various shapes and examined whether the quantity of shapes affected their strength. Through meticulous experimentation, he uncovered surprising results, ultimately demonstrating that the cylinder was the strongest shape. Isaac's findings challenged preconceptions about structural stability and highlighted the importance of empirical investigation in scientific research.

William Aitken's project, 'Gravity Defying Magnets,' explored the phenomenon of magnets slowing down as they fell through a copper tube. His experiments looked at the intricate interaction between magnets and electromagnetic fields. William's project exemplified the captivating marriage of physics and engineering.

The Science Fair competition also served as a platform for the top students to represent Saint Kentigern College at the NIWA Science Competition. The top four went through along with the students who received Highly Commended awards:

Alex Kirke - Sporty Salts

Campbell Orr - Life Gives Lemons

Luke Porter - Under Pressure

In the ever-evolving world of science, the Year 7 students of Saint Kentigern College have proven that their creativity, dedication, and thirst for knowledge know no bounds. As they continue their educational journey, their scientific endeavours promise to push the boundaries of understanding and innovation, leaving a lasting impact on the scientific community and in the future, the world at large.

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