November 27, 2012 at 3:54 PM

Peace is the theme of the Girls’ School Carol Service this year and the children at the Preschool were delighted to meet two very soft, three week old, baby doves, the universal symbol for Peace.  

The children were lucky enough to be able to touch the doves and stroke their feathers. Even though some children were apprehensive at first, they soon realised how gentle the doves were and enjoyed the feel of the silky feathers. One child said “the doves were so soft, and they felt so smooth”

This was the dove’s very first outing and whilst they haven’t learnt to fly yet, they love to stretch and flutter their wings.

The Preschool children are singing “the Peace Song” at the Girls’ School Carol Service which is being held on the 5th of December from 6.30pm at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Everyone is welcome to come along. 

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