Paint the School Green! Cargill Triumphs in Boys' School House Relays

April 14, 2023 at 6:26 PM

In a flurry of green, the Boys' School Swimming House Relays concluded with Cargill emerging victorious. Chalmers narrowly missed the win by only 6 points, coming in second, with Hamilton and Wishart taking third and fourth place, respectively.

The event saw each year group putting forth A, B, and sometimes C and D teams to compete against the other houses. The competition was fierce, with each team giving it their all to secure as many points as possible.

But it wasn't just about swimming. Bragging rights were also awarded for chanting competitions and an entertaining rendition of YMCA by everyone present. The atmosphere was electric, with parents, teachers, and students joining the competitive spirit.

And in a surprising turn of events, the House vs Teachers vs Parents relay saw the parents beating the teachers for the first time! There is no doubt a proud moment for the parents.

The Boys' School House Relays are always met with great anticipation off the back of Swimming Sports, with school spirit at an all-time high. Congratulations to Cargill for their victory and to all the teams for their enthusiasm, heart, and energy all morning.

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