Over 1000 Cupcakes!

August 21, 2017 at 4:52 PM

Wilson House, Year 12 tutor group, 12XJN keep themselves busy with service projects. As well as spearheading the support of the New Mothers’ Project at Papakura Maternity Ward, they are also raising funds for KidsFirst. 

Year 13 students, Brendan Waters and Alicia Robb have taken on the leadership of an appeal at the College, with a goal of providing toys for children in need of support through KidsFirst. Thus far, the 12XJN girls have joined forces over a number of weekends to bake and then sell in excess of 1000 cupcakes, in their bid to support Brendan and Alicia to make a difference. 

To support the 12XJN girls in their endeavours, the call is out for items that can help. 

The New Mothers’ Project supplies a toiletries pack and knitted items for new mothers of little means. The girls welcome donations of toiletries, in particular the mini bottles of shampoo and soap collected on your travels, and wool for knitting. Baking supplies are also gratefully received!

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