Open for Playtime

November 15, 2019 at 1:38 PM

It was an exciting morning for the Boys’ School Junior School this week as the first phase of their new playground, located by the swimming pool, officially opened for play. Principal, Mr Peter Cassie welcomed the students and staff before inviting two Junior boys to cut the ribbons.

Kane Clarke (Year 3) and Kian Forrest (Year 0) were chosen to cut the ribbons, which were connected to the two new basket swings and a slide, before being the first students to test them out. Several excited students followed in their footsteps, as the others patiently waited for their turn.

The new playground is being built in two phases which were ‘designed’ by the students, who also created the safety rules that all must follow. Phase two of the playground will be built during the summer holidays.

Historically the first Boys’ School playground was made from wood and later metal. Today, the playgrounds are predominately made from rotational-moulded plastic, which has been proven to be the safer option for the children.

Besides the fun aspect of the new playground, the students are also gaining beneficial life skills while playing on the equipment. The basket swings are designed to help build on a child’s social skills and to positively help with their balancing skills and posture, whilst the slides encourage both confidence and exploration, which is important in a child’s development.

The boys had a great morning and fun was had by all as they each took turns testing out their new playground!

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