One, Two, Three, Heave!

December 04, 2017 at 1:44 PM

Muscles were at straining point this morning as the boys lined up in the Jubilee Sports Centre to see which team could heave the hardest for House victory! 

It is all about the team-work at the Boys’ School Annual Tug of War Competition. The competition teaches the students challenges the students to work collaborative across all ages. 

Working collaboratively is the key to success in many endeavours, and as our boys in Years 3-8 discovered this morning, a tug of war is no different! Aside from the raw muscle power needed to grip and pull, a little team planning was also required. The cooperation or ‘rhythm’ of the team members played an important part in their victory, maybe even more than their sheer physical strength – they needed to pull together! Supporters also took on a role, coaching from the sidelines and calling out ‘1, 2, 3, Heave’ to bring the teamwork into play. Those that got the rhythm right were far more likely to out-pull the opposition! 

Each year group  from Year 3-8 had a representative team, with the competition taking a knock-out format working through heats, to semi-finals and onto a final best of three.  As the competition between sides became tense, the cheering grew louder creating an amazing atmosphere amongst the boys!

And then came the quiet as Director of Sport and MC for the morning, Mr Duncan Grant read out the points and said, ‘We have a ‘situation.’ Mr Cassie is not keen on draws. Hamilton and Wishart are drawn for first place!’ The solution was for one final tug between the leading Houses with their teams made up of three Year 8 boys and one boy from each of the other years. 

In a tense battle, it was Hamilton who finally pulled Wishart over the line to take first place. A great activity to finish the school year! 











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