Old Collegian Entrepreneurs Launch Gifted Awareness Week

June 14, 2013 at 9:39 AM

Gifted Awareness Week was launched with inspiring talks from digital success story Old Collegians Craig and Shane Smith at a recent Middle School Assembly.

The Week, which runs from 17-23 June, is all about recognising and celebrating giftedness. Saint Kentigern College aims to recognise the exceptional abilities and uniqueness of our gifted and talented students and support their learning so they can achieve their full potential.

Jewellery designer Cheryl Sills is also the artist in residence for the week, along with competitions, activities in tutor periods, and film screenings.

The Smith brothers are co-founders of Language Perfect, an online language resource to help students learn foreign languages, and together they have built an international business that is now used in over 1,000 schools worldwide, and has over 200,000 users.

At the assembly the Old Collegians spoke about their road to success with their company, about how important resilience is, and how not to give up in the face of adversity or discouragement.

Their message for the students was to get involved in everything that they can at the College and to see things through to the finish.

Perseverance was the key to success they said, all the while giving yourself permission to ask those ‘silly’ questions in class and being yourself. They reinforced to the students not to worry about what others think of you, and if you do not know the answer, just ask and seek help.

Education Perfect, a sister product to Language Perfect, is a now the most recent venture for the young businessmen and has also been introduced at the College. The College is the first school in the world to adopt this product with all of our students, and takes curriculum areas Maths, Science, English, History, Economics and Geography into a whole new online learning and revision environment.

The revision tool asks students a series of dynamic questions so they get endless practice with concepts that they are finding difficult. If the student answers incorrectly, an in-depth explanation is provided which helps them to quickly master each question.

At the official launch held in Melbourne in April, Alison Derbyshire, Head of Library and eLearning at the College, gave testimony to Education Perfect as outstanding product that our students and our teachers enjoy using within and beyond our classrooms. She said grades have improved as a result, and being on board now gives our students an ‘unfair advantage’.

*Education Perfect is running EPIC 2013 - the Education Perfect Inter-school Competition between June 14th and August 9th 2013. Students compete to win prizes and the prestigious EPIC trophy by mastering content from a huge range of Education Perfect subject material.

Further information on the competition can be found on the OLE under College > College Teaching & Learning > Enhanced Learning Centre > Gifted Education > Gifted Awareness Week.

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