Nurturing Student Leadership

April 04, 2022 at 5:27 PM

In conjunction with Leadership Week, 24 of our College Prefects and our Year 8 Boys’ School students spent the morning engaging in dynamic discussions and teambuilding activities to cultivate values of leadership.

The session gave our College student leaders the opportunity to inspire confidence and impart knowledge to our Boys’ School Senior Boys who in turn leveraged on the opportunity to gain better grasp of leadership opportunities and expectations. 

For the Boys’ School, this leadership session is aimed at strengthening the culture of student leadership with the guidance of the College’s Prefect body. The session will help our Year 8 students  identify themselves as leaders and develop their leadership skills, help them challenge stereotypes and myths about leadership, build capacity in the five core values, access leadership resources available to them across campuses, and apply leadership principles to their personal lives and subjects.

Speaking to students at the start of the programme, College Deputy Head Boy Luka Ljubisavljevic said, “Leaders are not created through luck or chance. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to have a title to go with it. I can guarantee you that every day you will have the opportunity to put yourself in that position. So take it.”

Run by students for students, the session included a series of activities focussed on personal exploration and inclusion. Students were challenged to reflect on their own behaviour, discover their potential as leaders and to think of ways to embrace diversity in leadership.

It was encouraging to see our Boys’ School Year 8 students eagerly participating and the College Prefects aptly guiding our Boys’ School students in their leadership discovery. They now look forward to Term 2 when the Boys’ School Prefects, and Sports and Cultural Captains visit the College for a follow up engagement.

There are also plans to share similar cross campus leadership programme with the senior students at the Girls’ School in Term 2.

Later this week, our College Prefects will take turns to visit our Preschool where they will work with children aged 3-4 on theme-based activities.

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