New Zealand Youth Symphonic Winds Selection

August 05, 2021 at 3:08 PM

With thanks to Year 11 student reporter, Isaac Waldin

Following their successful auditions for the New Zealand Youth Symphonic Winds, during the July holidays, Isaac Waldin (tenor saxophone), Alissa Huang (bass clarinet), Bob Xiang (clarinet), Elizabeth Zeng (trumpet) and Julia Huang (horn) travelled down to Wellington for an intensive yet thoroughly enjoyable, workshop, rehearsal and concert.

Year 11 student, Isaac Waldin reports:

We rehearsed a repertoire of ten pieces for a week and then performed a concert for the Wellington public at the end. The repertoire included famous pieces such as John William's, ‘Raiders March’ and ‘Hymn to the Fallen’, ‘Forest Gump Suite’, ’The Hall of the Mountain King’ from the Peer Gynt Suite and ‘The Typewriter.’

Our conductor, Brent Stewart, provided us with specific, expert advice for each of the band members in the different sections. Brent perfected and transformed our general playing and was a real influence to the final outcome of the concert which was very impressive.

Overall, I left feeling extremely satisfied and impressed at the amount of skills and the degree of technique I was able to gain from the expert mentoring that was provided at this event. The musicians bonded over similar interests and it was great to hear stories from outside our usual Auckland circle where we usually play and compete. It was an awesome opportunity to connect with university students as well, who are undertaking a variety of majors and degrees, but bonded over the love of concert band music.

We were taught great musicianship which I will definitely be keep working on during my career as a young musician. I strongly encourage any musicians who have the opportunity to do this, to definitely get involved as it will prove to be very beneficial!

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