New Preschool on Shore Road – A purpose-built haven for children

January 27, 2023 at 3:15 PM

It is hard to believe that over a year ago, the new Shore Road Preschool was just a blueprint and a plot of land. If you were to walk past the property now, you would see a beautiful new building, parents dropping off and picking up, and perhaps the sound of rather excitable children.   

When the opportunity arose to not only move the Preschool onto the same campus as our two existing Shore Road schools, but to design it from scratch, it was decided the architecture and design needed to represent Saint Kentigern as an organisation and our unique culture. From the circular architecture to the naming of classrooms, no details have been spared.

Once you’ve walked through the reception, you come into the centre of the outdoor atrium. The Celtic Cross stands tall in the atrium play area, visible from a bird’s-eye view. Central to our Preschool and the foundation of our values, the cross represents Saint Kentigern’s Presbyterian heritage and emphasis on the Christian faith.

Another unique feature of the outdoor area is the incorporation of natural elements. The little stony-creek water feature, sand pit, palm trees, conventional playground and surrounding grassy banks use nature to ignite curiosity in the students. The earthy components of the atrium invite our children to probe, ask questions, and make suggestions based on their observations.

Enclosing the atrium is a circular-shaped building that houses four classrooms, an art studio or atelier, a shared function and dining space, the Principal’s office, and a meeting room. As you walk clockwise around the building, the classroom groupings begin with our youngest students and finish with the eldest students. Each classroom has a selection of age-appropriate toys carefully curated to ensure they are made from natural resources wherever possible. The minimalist yet cosy design has already proven to be a win for the children. Since moving in January, they have settled in quickly, and we know the space will only enhance their learning and growth.

We’ve also noticed the increased interaction between children from different classrooms thanks to the shared dining area. This is where revolving meal sittings are held, reflecting our belief that meals are a time to nourish bodies, hearts, and minds and to socialise with classmates and teachers from other rooms.

From blueprint to reality, we are grateful for the time and effort that so many has poured into our new Preschool. The attention to detail has created a homely, inviting, and beautiful space for our Preschool staff, children and their families.

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