National Win for College Robotics Team

September 13, 2013 at 2:10 PM

The Old Collegians Sports Centre proved to be the perfect venue for the 87 teams (55 from Auckland and 32 from around the country) that competed in the regional and national titles of this year’s Robocup. The competition involved quickly programming robots to navigate different challenges with marked paths and a variety of tasks to perform, or in the case of the soccer section, to play against an opposing team to kick an infrared transmitting ball into a designated goal!

Students participating are challenged to be creative in their design of programs and to develop excellent problem solving skills. The competition encompasses not only engineering and IT skills but also encourages sportsmanship, the sharing of ideas and teamwork.  We were delighted that our College teams claimed a number of awards on the day including a clean sweep in the Senior Regional Rescue competition and first and third place in the National Senior Rescue category.

The Robotics Club at the College has flourished this year, engaging participants from Years 7 to 13. This is largely due to the efforts of staff, Richard Hart and Ms Cristina Triantafilo. Saint Kentigern continues to be pleased to work closely with education partner, Toshiba who supports this unique event that excites and motivates students.

Premier Rescue Category - Auckland Region:

2nd Place: Norman Dines, Tom Pennycuick, William Nathan, Brendan Yam
3rd Place: Hamish Glover

Senior Rescue Category - Auckland Region:

1st Place: Max Balard, Jacob Shubert and Connor Matson
2nd Place: David Morris and Nathan Smith
3rd Place: Matthew Wong-Kam and William Li

Senior Soccer  Category - Auckland Region:

2rd Place:  Byron Lam, Alex Smith and William Ning
3rd Place: Cameron Tanner and David Thibaud

Senior Rescue Category – NATIONAL COMPETITION:

1st Place: Max Balard, Jacob Shubert and Connor Matson
3rd Place: David Morris and Nathan Smith

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