Music Students Visit Recording Studio

September 03, 2018 at 10:52 AM

Last week, Senior College students from the Music Projects class were fortunate to visit Roundhead Studios, an Auckland-based recording studio owned by prominent New Zealand singer-songwriter, Neil Finn. 

The Music Projects class is a new initiative in 2018 and is an alternative pathway for students taking music as an academic, examinable subject. The course explores recording, music technology, performing, sound arts and composition using alternative software. The participants undertake a series of student-centred projects with the teacher working as a facilitator. It is a practical, hands-on course for our Music students. 

The students thoroughly enjoyed exploring the studio and learning about the many facets of recording equipment.

EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) trips such as these are valuable in not only supporting their learning but also create exciting possibilities for where their learning could take them. The trip was really beneficial for students considering music pathways once leaving school, especially in the fields of recording, music producing and technology.

Our thanks to staff member, Mr Gareth Moore for his organisation and leadership of this trip.

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