A Morning of Sport for the Preschool

November 01, 2018 at 2:31 PM

The preschoolers had a fabulous morning at the Boys’ School this week for their cross-country and tabloid sports events. We were really pleased to see so many family members and friends come along to show their support as the races got underway. 

Beginning with the cross country, an event that had been postponed due to inclement weather late last term, the 3 and 4-year-old boys and girls raced with enthusiasm and great determination. It was great to see them share in the excitement when the top three children from each race stood on the dais like ‘real’ athletes. 

After the morning tea break, the entourage of supporters made their way to the Jubilee Sports Centre to start the tabloid sports. Sack races, discus throws, ball jumps, football kicks, shot puts, mini hurdles, chicken throws, and egg and spoon races were entered with great hilarity. 

The Preschool sports morning encourages fitness amongst our youngest students and also prepares them with a taste of sporting competition in readiness for when they start school. Seeing their enthusiasm and confidence during the morning, they are definitely well on their way to being ready for school! 

The morning was great fun and a positive experience for everyone. Thank you to all the family members and friends who came along – the children loved your support!


3 Year Old Girls
1st Sisi Liu
2nd Hilary Shek
3rd Rosie Jarvis 

3 Year Old Boys
1st Harrison Sheldon
2nd Harry Smith
3rd Adam Huang 

4 Year Old Girls
1st Kayla Robertson
2nd Evie Reynolds
3rd Olivia Mace 

4 Year Old Boys
1st Robert Nash
2nd Jayden Huang
3rd Alex Shaw


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