A Moment in Time - The Living Museum

September 19, 2019 at 2:16 PM

The Elizabeth MacFarlan Centre was transformed into a living museum this morning as the Year 8 students invited their friends and family to take part in their English assessment, ‘A Moment in Time.’

Students were required to choose an iconic person that they admire and then research, write and learn a dramatic monologue from a moment in their lives where they faced a challenge. The students were free to choose whether the person was alive, or now consigned to history, but regardless of their choice, extensive research was required to ensure that the information was both accurate and informative.

Walking around with question cards, the guests asked students questions about their character. Some of those questions were, ‘Who are you? What are you known for? What was your greatest achievement and challenge?’ The students were required to answer the questions in character and perform their dramatic monologue if asked to. With each retelling, nerves settled and the students became increasingly more confident in their delivery.

From Sir Edmund Hillary and Audrey Hepburn to Kiwi race car drivers and rugby players, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Each monologue was presented with great enthusiasm and ranged from one minute thirty to three minutes in duration.

Before the event, the students performed their pieces in front of their class and created posters about their characters based on their research. The Year 8 English curriculum has a strong focus on oral skills, where students are encouraged to build on their vocabulary, projection, body language, eye contact, confidence, communication and sharing ideas verbally – which are all vital skills to help to prepare them for future roles beyond the College gates.

The annual event was a great success and everyone had a fantastic time. Well done to all the students who presented – you all did a great job!

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