Mind Our Chooks!

May 20, 2016 at 3:31 PM

If you’re quick, it’s eggs for breakfast at the Boys’ School!

Last year, the boys in Year 3 carefully nurtured some fertile eggs in their classroom and there was a huge amount of excitement when the chicks finally emerged from their shells.

Now, eight months on and the four brown shavers are well established ‘backyard chickens.’ Their backyard is a little more substantial than most as they enjoy the freedom to roam the campus during the day, returning home to their coop to roost at night.

Staff member, Mr James Burcham (Technology) has taken a vested interest in the ‘chooks’ and with the help of the chicken monitors, Year 7 boys, Jonathan McCabe and Harrison Parr, our feathered friends are well looked after and regularly produce eggs as fresh as can be!

In addition to the eggs, the presence of chickens has had an unexpected bonus – ‘traffic calming’ on campus. It’s been noted that parents and courier drivers entering the site have become aware that it’s not only the children they have to look out for!

Principal, Mr Cassie has been heard to remark that this is part of a ‘Garden to Table’ experience. For now, Mr Burcham and the boys are more than happy with their scrambled eggs and there is no mention of chicken stew!

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