Middle School Music Evening

November 02, 2020 at 12:13 PM

With limited performance opportunities for our musicians during the course of this unusual year, the Middle School Music Evening held on Friday night was a welcome ‘return to the norm’ for our younger students in Years 7-10, to share their learning and talents with friends and families.

The College No. 2 Pipe Band opened the evening in rousing style before the College ‘all-comers’ ensembles – the Wind Band, String Ensemble, Stage Band and the Percussion Quartet, each took to the stage to present their competitive programme of pieces they had prepared this year.

In addition to the group performances, soloists playing a wide range, from string, wind, brass, piano to percussion, presented their items. Whether just starting out, or already an accomplished musician, this was their chance to shine!

Head of Music, Miss Mary Lin said, ‘The music programme at the College continues to gain strength with almost 500 students learning an instrument or receiving voice tuition through the private music lesson scheme, with over 35 specialist music tutors working in our music studios. We encourage students to extend their soloists skills by joining a College music ensemble, not only to gain further training that will support their musicianship, but also for opportunities to represent the school competitively in regional and national competitions.’

Assistant Head of Music, Miss Loata Mahe, kept the evening rolling and congratulated all the students and musical directors for their efforts resulting in a great night of Middle School musical entertainment.

The last word went to Arts Prefect, Ivan Zhang who said, ‘Miss Lin, you have been inspiring to us all and always motivate us to make the best sound possible. Thank you for your constant support of the music students and making the Music Centre the home it truly is. Against all the odds that 2020 has forcefully pushed against us, the opportunity to perform and experience live music in our country is a definite blessing.’

Well done to all the students who performed!

The Middle School Music Evening Programme

The Saint Kentigern College 2nd Pipe Band
The Barnyards of Delgaty
Highland Cathedral

String Ensemble
Director; Miranda Hutton
Evening Prayer by Engelbert Humperdink
Concerto for Strings by Vivaldi
Variations on an Irish Theme by Brian Balmages

Shyla Chaudhary - Sitar
Traditional Indian

Ella Lin – Flute
Slane – Traditional Irish

Chloe Zeng - Flute
Quelle est cette odeur agreeable - traditional French piece

Rianna Samant – Flute
Adagio in B minor by Mozart

Alex Bian – Marimba
Sea Refractions by Mitchell Peters

Percussion Ensemble
Director; Rebecca Celebuski
Players: Max Liu, Alex Bian, Patrick Yu, Jason Wong
Little Sea Gongs by Gareth Farr

Tudor Dalzell - Piano
Mission impossible inspired

Julia Huang – Horn
The Six Mélodies pour cor à pistons et piano

Xarya Knox – Voice
Believer by Imagine Dragons

Middle School Stage band
Director, Paul Norman
Playing in The Kiev Sea by Lennie Niehaus
Saxidentally by Lennie Niehaus

Emma Ying – Harp
Sonata Opus 34 No.1 1st Movement by JL Dussek

Ray Yu – Piano
Sonatina in C Major Opus 60 No. 3 by Fredrich Kuhlau

Wind Band
Directors; Matthew Baker and Tom Chester
Raiders March - John Williams arr. Jack Bullock
Luminaria - William Himes
The Great Steamboat race – Robert W Smith

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