Middle School Linguists Top Chinese Bridge Speech Competition

September 12, 2023 at 11:42 AM

In the bustling world of language and culture, two bright stars from the College have once again proven that dedication and passion can lead to remarkable achievements. The stage? The 16th Chinese Bridge Speech Competition for the Auckland Region, hosted by the Confucius Institute Auckland. The outcome? A showcase of linguistic expertise and cultural appreciation.

A staggering 106 students from the Auckland Region joined the competition, but George McGuinness, a Year 10 student, stood out among the competitors. George clinched the prestigious 1st prize in the Secondary Middle School Group, leaving the audience in awe with his speech titled " Why don't you soar in the sky? George's eloquence quickly engaged listeners and showcased his ability to write Chinese characters, a testament to his dedication to mastering the language.

Quentin Lemusu-Vuletich, another Year 10 student, secured the 2nd prize in the same category. His speech Learning Chinese makes me laugh happily! resonated with the audience, and his talent shone even brighter as he sang a beautiful and beloved Chinese folk song, A Spray of Plum Blossoms.

Ms Laura Deng, the teacher in charge, couldn't be prouder of her students' accomplishments. She highlighted their unwavering self-motivation, dedication to preparation and practice, and profound connection to the Chinese language and culture. In their speeches, George and Quentin shared their language-learning journey and their deep understanding of Chinese culture.

Once more, these budding linguists have underscored Saint Kentigern College's commitment to nurturing success across diverse fields of student interest. George and Quentin exemplify students who have grasped the world of opportunity at the College and worked hard to maximise the platform offered to them.

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