Middle College Prizegiving

December 05, 2018 at 12:42 PM

On the final day of the academic year, the Sports Centre was packed with family, friends and special guests of our students in Years 7-10, to celebrate their academic, sporting and cultural success at the Middle College Prizegiving.

The official party was piped in by Cameron Dean, followed by the New Zealand Anthem and a performance by the Middle College Wind Band.

Trust Board Chairman, Dr John Kernohan congratulated the students on their excellence, effort, diligence, and achievement and encouraged the students to challenge themselves and ‘try something new next year.’ Head of Saint Kentigern, Mr David Hodge thanked all staff and congratulated the students before each age group came forward to collect their prizes.

The Cameron Cups for Citizenship were awarded to Alissa Huang, Esther Oh and Daniel Huang for their worthy contribution, and the Menzies Cup for Citizenship was awarded to Josh Evangelidakis. Special cups were also awarded to Hannah Riley for the ‘All-Round’ girl and Harry Lowe for the ‘All-Round’ boy. These two students have been fully committed to all aspects of their Middle College life. The top honours of the morning went to Isabeau Pan as Dux of the Middle College; a student who has attained significant academic achievement.

Isabeau was pleased to receive the award and thanked her family, friends and staff before reminding the other students to ‘be different, be unique and celebrate your individuality.’

To conclude the formalities, Middle College Principal, Mr Duncan McQueen thanked everyone, wishing them a Merry Christmas and safe holidays, before Reverend Smith closed in prayer.

Our congratulations to all our award winners and especially to Isabeau! 

Isabeau has the honour of being awarded the Dux of the Middle College in 2018. Consistently achieving Excellence or Excellence Plus in her subjects, which include Year 11 Science and Year 11 Cambridge Mathematics as a Year 10 student, Isabeau is a most worthy recipient of this award. Her exceptional results are underpinned by all-round outstanding effort in every subject.  Her GPA across her core subjects is a fantastic 394 out of a possible 400. Today she has also received Honours, the Class Prize and the Social Studies and Spatial Design prizes. In addition to her academic success at the highest level for Year 10, Isabeau has participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, has served as a Student Laboratory Technician and has demonstrated her leadership as captain of the Senior Football team. Isabeau’s hallmarks of diligence, consistency, curiosity and thinking skills, combined with her humility and courtesy towards others and her commitment to strive for excellence, make her an outstanding academic role model for the Middle College and a true Daughter of Kentigern. 

THE Birch Cup
For a Year 10 Girl showing All Round Ability
Hannah is an outstanding student in every respect. Her diligence and tenacity have led to excellent grades across all her subjects, including outstanding results in Year 11 Science and Year 11 Cambridge Mathematics. This year she also received a Distinction award in the Australian Mathematics Competition. In addition to this academic success, Hannah has shown an incredible capacity to embrace and excel in a myriad of co-curricular endeavours. This year, on top of her involvement in the Football 1st XI, she has also been involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, Theatresports, Eastern Zone Athletics, Junior Touch and the Wearable Arts Show. Hannah has also found time to serve the College as a student laboratory technician. 

For a Year 10 Boy showing All Round Ability
Described by his teachers as diligent, good-natured, enthusiastic and tenacious, Harry is an exceptional all-round student. In 2018 he has been involved in an impressive range of academic, sporting and cultural endeavours at the College, including the Cricket Colts and Cricket Boys Junior Nationals, the Hamilton House Band and the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. In addition to this, he has also served the College as captain of the 14A Football team and has been a Middle College Student Leader. Harry’s outstanding attitude and strong work ethic have contributed to his academic success and have made him greatly respected by his teachers and peers as a true Son of Kentigern. 


Josh Evangelidakis
Josh is an outstanding young man. Over his first two years at the College he has fully involved himself in a wide range of co-curricular activities. He has been a keen member of the Robotics Club, participated enthusiastically in all sporting and cultural House competitions, was involved in the Wearable Arts Show as a designer, contributed fully to World Vision and has worked hard to complete his Silver Service Award. Inside the classroom, Josh has maintained a high standard of academic grades and has role-modelled to others, his perseverance and a determination to achieve to the best of his ability. Gentle, kind and always keen to volunteer to help endears him to all. Josh will use his initiative to seek out ways he can help others, not wait to be asked. Josh epitomizes everything it means to be a great citizen of a community and he is a worthy recipient of the Menzies Cup. 

Daniel Huang and Esther Oh
The Cameron Cup is awarded for worthy contribution to class and College activities including academic, sporting and cultural endeavours. This year we have joint winners for the Year 10 Cameron Cup.  

Daniel Huang
is an outstanding, well-rounded student demonstrating academic strength, coupled with extensive co-curricular involvement. His teachers comment that he is an intelligent, motivated and thoughtful student with an excellent work ethic. Daniel gained a Distinction in the Australian Mathematics competition, and was involved in Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, the Junior Premier Debating team, the Year 10 Mathex team and played in the Hockey Under 15B team. Daniel is musical as well and was a member of a variety of orchestral groups at the College as well as the Concert Band and String Ensemble. Daniel was also involved in the World Scholars Cup and travelled to Melbourne to take part in the global competition. A talented young man who is a deserving joint recipient of the Cameron Cup for 2018. 

Esther Oh is a diligent, highly capable, all-round student who has attained academic excellence, together with significant involvement in co-curricular activities. She gained a High Distinction in the Australian Mathematics competition and has been a member of the Year 10 Mathex team. Talented across a range of areas, she has been in the Junior debating team, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, and the global World Scholars Cup. Esther is a gifted musician and is a member of numerous instrumental groups, Kentoris Choir, the Wilson House Band and a member of the orchestra for both the Little Mermaid and Phantom of the Opera. Motivated to serve, she has been a Student Lab Technician as well. She has also played in the Under 17B Basketball team. Esther has been awarded joint recipient of the Cameron Cup for 2018. 

Alissa Huang
Alissa is a dedicated student who demonstrates enthusiasm for all she is involved in. Her commitment to the co-curricular life of the College is impressive, as are her academic results. Alissa gained a High Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition and a Distinction in ICAS Science. Musical too, she is a member of the Concert Band, Chamber group, Wind Band and played in the orchestra for the Middle College production of the Little Mermaid. She was involved in the regional World Scholars Cup and the Middle College Wearable Arts Show. Her range of interests indicates her versatility and talent, making her a worthy recipient of the Cameron Cup.


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