Middle College Music Evening

June 21, 2017 at 3:57 PM

A beautiful display of talent from upcoming musicians was seen at the Middle College Music Evening last night, with a large turnout of family and friends. The annual calendar is full of musical events giving opportunities for the students to perform both individually or as a group. The Year 7-10 students who are learning an instrument were able to perform at an informal, relaxed musical evening to encourage confidence and gain experience performing in front of an audience. 

Many our students take part in the Middle College itinerant music programme, taking advantage of the specialist music staff who provide lessons each week on a wide range of instruments. Growing and gaining strength each year, the programme currently has over 400 students either learning an instrument or receiving voice tuition from 35 different specialist itinerant music teachers. The music evening is also an ideal learning platform for those students who are considering studying music as an academic subject in their senior years. This is good preparation for those who will go on to be assessed as a performer. 

The evening started with our Middle College Pipes and Drums performing a stunning rendition of ‘Amazing Grace.’ The acts throughout the night included a range of solo artists and groups performing on popular instruments such as the piano, flute and saxophone to the less commonly played bagpipes, piano accordion and French horn. From the operatic sound of ‘Vieni, Vieni o Mio Diletto’ sung by Year 9 student, Alicia Lynn to the classical sound of La Campanella by Paganini/Liszt played on the piano by three students all at once, the evening was fantastic display of skills and love for music. 

Well done to all the students for their efforts resulting in a great night of musical entertainment. Saint Kentigern has amazing musical talents coming through the College. 

Performers: Middle College Pipes and Drums, Saint Kentigern Sinfonia, Saint Kentigern Sax Ensemble, Junior Six Hands Chamber Group, Heads Up Trio, Lisa Li, Sophie Zhang, Yvonne Jin, Arne Quartet, Autumn Trio, Olivia Chiang, Libby Lightfoot, Evan Metcalfe, Alicia Lynn, Charlotte Cornwall, Annie Ni, Ethan Huang, Cameron Dean, Josie Lu, Holly Simmons, Nico Jancys, SKC Piano Trio, Crystal Chen, Sophia Ying, Adam Perry, Catherine Chang


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