Middle College Leaders Appointed

February 07, 2017 at 4:33 PM

Congratulations to the Year 10 students who have been appointed as Middle College Student Leaders for the first semester of 2017.  These students were selected after consultation with teaching staff, the six Middle College Heads of House and senior management. 

This gives the students the chance to serve in a leadership role during Semester 1, before handing the reins over to a new team who will take the lead in Semester 2. These students will be leading their houses and experiencing duties and responsibilities required in preparation for Senior College. 

The student leaders were acknowledged at the Middle College assembly this afternoon by the Principal of Middle College, Mr Duncan McQueen and Assistant Principal, Mrs Marianne Duston, and they were presented with their badges by Head of College, Mr Steve Cole. 

We wish them well and look forward to their contributions during Semester 1.

Olivia Brewster, Damian Chong, Grace Chang, Hayden Joyce, Max Libbey-Hollyman, Harper Yearsley

Rebecca Stewart, Kate Wise, Will Bason, Emma Hannan, Kees Brady, Dion Shen, William Hadfield

Elizabeth Lightfoot, Toby Luke, Wendy Ni, Jason Mercer, Guy Weenink, Georgia Grigor

Morgan Roberts, Cameron Li, Fraser McOmish, Alexandre Fargier, Helen Yu

Ben Humphries, Severine Galland, Hugo du Temple, Emily Grigg

Luke Creemers, Aiden Iqbal, Esther Schubert

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