Middle College High Tea!

July 05, 2019 at 4:02 PM

When it comes to food diversity is the key - diversity in flavours, textures, appearance, smell and so on. This term, the Year 10 Food Technology students were not short of this! They had tables full of scones, cheesecakes, savouries and cups of tea for their guests at their High Tea events.

As part of their unit based around Technological Practice, the students in three groups had to ‘demonstrate an understanding of the needs and opportunities within a design context, use of key attributes and stakeholder feedback , this case from the teachers’, to inform the development of an outcome and its evaluation.’

To achieve this, each class had to choose a theme and cater to their ‘stakeholders’ preferences and dietary requirements. From floral and pastels, the ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’, Autumn and ‘Beauty and the Beast’, the students did an outstanding job and delivered delicious food and spectacular table service.

Once all the food was tasted, the stakeholders gave feedback on the classes’, food, presentation and service. All students received positive feedback and can be proud of their work!

Middle College Food Technology Programme

Food Technology is a diverse field with many potential areas of focus. Year 10 students are given the opportunity throughout the year to explore different avenues of this specialist area such as culinary design, food science and nutrition over several projects.

The programme has been designed to foster creative and critical practice in a project-based environment. Students develop their thinking, design and practical skills and explore menu design, coffee making, food photography, styling, manufacturing and event planning and management – all setting them up for Senior College and future career paths.


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