Meet Kent the Bear

March 29, 2022 at 2:42 PM

This term we welcomed a very special friend to our Kauri room, Kent. Kent is our magical and cuddly Saint Kentigern Bear. He watches all week from his little spot on our windowsill, looking for children who are demonstrating and living by our Saint Kentigern Values. Kent loves to see the children practising kindness towards others, being helpful, using their initiatives and leading with love and respect. After observing all week, every Friday, Kent carefully climbs down from his spot and whispers into a teacher’s ear, sharing all that he has seen. He then chooses a very special child who will take him home and spend the weekend with him.

Kent then packs his bag with his belongings, always remembering his very special diary for the child to take home with them. His diary is a wonderful collection of stories, drawings, photographs and messages from children and their families who have had the honour of looking after Kent.  It is beautiful to see the incredible experiences Kent has been part of with our families, creating a valuable link between Preschool and home for our children.

Upon returning to Preschool the following Monday, exhausted after a busy fun-filled weekend, Kent climbs back onto our windowsill and watches as the children share snippets from his diary with their classmates. This is a great way for our children to practise speaking in front of a group which helps prepare them for a classroom environment in Primary school. It also enhances their language skills, nurture confidence and strengthens their understanding of the many purposes of oral language.

Equally important, it encourages our children to enjoy the magic, wonder and joy that Kent brings to our Kauri room.

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