Match Of The Day

September 25, 2020 at 2:57 PM

They may be older, possibly wiser but maybe just not quite as fit! When a Staff v Boys football match was proposed at the Boys’ School, the staff wisely opted for the compact 7-aside version!

With the sporting calendar put in turmoil this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, like other schools, the Boys’ School has not had a full season of competitive winter sport. Unable to compete against their usual school opponents, a game against a new team was welcomed by the 1st XI – even if their opposition towered above them!

With Alert Level 2 and the restrictions on gathering large groups putting the annual end of term House Tug of War on hold, a friendly game of football out in the fresh air seemed like a great way to finish the term. The whistle blew and ‘Match of the Day’ got underway in front of a very vocal group of spectators!

With Mr David Hessey as referee, the game set off at a cracking pace and proved to be surprisingly even-sided, with both teams giving each other a good run – and the extra-large team of staff taking every chance to sub on and off frequently to take a breather! Mr Cassie wisely picked goal!

Reverend Hardie, hot off the recent Staff v Girls netball and football games at the Girls’ School, sneaked in an early goal, taking the half time score to 1-0. The pace picked up in the second half, with two balls disappearing over the fence onto the building site! Ryan Harding scored for the boys followed by a further goal from the Rev and one from Mr Mackerell, taking the score to 3-1 to the staff at the final whistle. What a great way to finish the term – fun on the field in brilliant sunshine!

Note: As this was a mufti day, all the boys and staff are in mufti with the boys playing in red bibs.

Referee: Mr David Hessey
Line Ref: Jess McGuiness

Boys’ Team: Fergus Allan, Jamie Griffin, Dylan Harding, Ryan Harding, Luca Joint-Rotondo, Joshua King, Harry McLeod, Angus Paterson, Sebe Poole, William Robinson, Luca Souloglou, Louis Spillane,
Toby Wallace, Hamish Young.

Staff Team: Steve Aucamp, Reuben Hardie, Oliver Barlow, Craig Sunde, Andy Wright, Paddy Leishman, Sam Mackerell, Mark Fitness, Duncan Grant, Anton Lorenzon, Andrew Vicars, Chris Hansen, Steve Tait, Jarred Wilson, Tom Barter, Sebe Stefan, Grayson Aspinall, Peter Cassie.

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