Make Some Noise!

October 29, 2019 at 9:07 AM

As a New Zealand dancer who has ‘stomped’ his way around the world, professional dancer, Simon Watts was a great choice to lead a workshop with an energetic group of 6 and 7 year-old Saint Kentigern boys! The boys’ inquiry topic this term is ‘Feelings and Emotions’ and as part of that, they have been looking at the different ways that people express themselves.

Simon has been part of the cast of ‘STOMP’ for a number of years – the high octane show that has toured the world for the last 25 years, using non-traditional ‘instruments’ to hammer out explosively feel-good rhythms on stage. From dustbin lids, to brooms, scaffolding and body parts, there is nothing that can’t be turned into an entertaining, rhythmical art form by Simon and fellow cast members!

Last Friday morning, Simon led a ‘body percussion’ class with our Year 2 boys, leading them in a combination of music and movement, using their body as a ‘drum kit.’ The boys soon learned that creating sound, using just your body, opens up a surprisingly extensive and creative canvas to work with! They were fascinated when Simon swapped his sports shoes for a well-loved, well-worn pair of workman’s boots that have had many outings out on stage!

Not only is body percussion a physical workout but a mental workout too. It challenges the brain rhythmically, linking the mathematical left hemisphere with the creative right as the body and brain work in tandem on polyrhythms, dynamics and time signatures. From simple to more complex coordination, Simon built up a sequence with the boys, adding new moves to challenge them – a challenge they rose to!

The boys will now extend their repertoire in preparation to perform at the end of year Junior Concert!

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