Leaders for Semester 2 Appointed

July 25, 2017 at 5:20 PM

Congratulations to the Year 10 students who have been appointed Middle College Student Leaders for Semester 2.   Each student was selected after recommendations and consultation with teaching staff, the six Middle College Heads of House and senior management.

Being a student leader gives these students the chance to serve and lead their Houses and take on duties and responsibilities that will prepare them for leadership roles in Senior College.  Acknowledged at the Middle College assembly, the student leaders were presented with their badges by the Principal of Middle College, Mr Duncan McQueen and Assistant Principal, Mrs Marianne Duston.

Mr McQueen gave special thanks to our Semester 1 Leaders who have done a great job of leading assemblies and socials, and being excellent role models at the College.

We wish the new leaders well and look forward to their contributions during Semester 2.


Niamh Bilsborough, Logan Cowie, Emmanuel Gati, Hamish Jones, Molly Quinn, Xavier Yin

Claudia Beere, Tom Downs, Grace Kelly, Robbie King, Christie Martel, William Mattison, Hugo Tucker

Crystal Chen, Owen Chen, Jessica Conover, Caitlyn McKenzie, Oliver Mitchell, Eddy Zhang

Sophie Denby, Taine Kolose, Amelie Murphy, Harrison Orr, Peter Wallace

Lulu Denholm, Jack Frewin, Hannah Monaghan, Dylan Muggleston, Harry Strang

Eamon Foley, Charlotte McDonald, Connor Stevens

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