Kiwiana Inspired Artisan Market

September 24, 2020 at 3:44 PM

In recent years, local food markets have become well-established across New Zealand as part of a growing ‘Kiwi Foodie’ culture. New Zealanders are increasingly shopping locally, actively seeking locally grown produce and are willing to buy a range of items from small artisan producers at local markets – and are often prepared to pay a premium price.

With this trend in mind, our NCEA Level 1 Food Technology students in Year 11 were tasked with designing and producing a saleable food product for inclusion in Saint Kentigern’s own annual Artisan Market. They were required to conduct feasibility studies to come up with a food item they believed would prove a popular addition to the marketplace.

Having determined their product, they were required to trial and test a prototype, seeking feedback from three stakeholders – one adult and two students – and then make refinements based on feedback received. Despite lockdown 2.0 taking us by surprise, the students kept up very well with the high demand for the unit, ensuring they had completed costings, nutritional panels, flow charts and stakeholder profiles, prior to even starting their trialling in the kitchen, which began the first day back!

This year’s theme was ‘Kiwiana’ and pavlova, jaffas, hokey pokey and lamb recipes featured among the fare on offer. Whilst much of the food was pre-packaged for sale, there were also those brave enough to cook to order, with the smell of lamb and mint patties and ‘made-from-scratch’ lamb sausages drawing in buyers.

All their hard work came together as individual stalls opened for business to showcase their kitchen creations to a willing customer base of students and staff. No two culinary items were the same, so there were many tempting items on offer. Sales were definitely brisk as the ‘lunchtime shoppers’ descended!

Well done, Year 11 for taking on the task with passion!

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