A ‘Kiwi Kaper’ to the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra

November 01, 2022 at 9:47 AM

The echo of chatter filling the Aotea Centre was hushed as the string section began to tune their instruments in preparation to wow an unusual crowd for an orchestra. Where an array of people would typically fill the seats to such a show, hundreds of bright-eyed, young faces caught their gaze as the orchestra looked out.

To the delight of our students, the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra has been putting on ‘The Kiwi Kapers’ concerts for school-aged children across Auckland. For many, this will be their first live orchestral experience. Led by our incredible Director of Music, Mrs Georgina Jarvis, the Year 4’s from the Boys’ School were fortunate enough to attend the shows in conjunction with their classroom music learning this term.

The show took the audience on a journey through time, with music from renowned classical musician Mozart to romantic composers Rachmaninoff, Jacques Offenbach, and Georges Bizet, to American composer Aaron Copland and finally, Klaus Badelt. He was the sole living composer in the line-up best known for his collaborations with Hans Zimmer, including The Prince of Egypt and Gladiator.

The boys were given a series of question prompts to help them consider the sounds they were hearing. They listened for musical elements in the more classical pieces, like tempo, major and minor keys, dynamics, and percussion patterns. A crowd favourite was certainly Klaus Badelt’s Pirates of the Caribbean piece. The lulls and crescendos took the audience to a faraway land where dangers could lurk at any point in a captain’s journey. 

To experience the best musicians in the city at a live concert is a moment to remember. The boys continue to discover the timelessness of music and its ability to connect people regardless of age. Many of the boys play instruments themselves, making the trip the perfect opportunity to see where hours of practice in their room can lead.

Thank you to the Year 4 teachers, parent helpers, Mrs Georgina Jarvis and Mrs Janet Grierson for giving up time and organisation and consistently providing our boys with the best, immersive learning experiences.

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