Kentoris and Chamber Orchestra Talk Music

September 08, 2017 at 3:45 PM

A selection of students from Kentoris, our premier choir and the Chamber Orchestra visited Riverina Primary School today to perform a short demonstration for their students. Riverina students have recently been learning about a variety of music and invited Saint Kentigern College, through our Service programme, to showcase the range of music we perform.

In between each mini performance, Director of Choirs, Mr Lachlan Craig also taught the Riverina students about the Choral and Chamber programmes at the College. He explained what each instrument is, the sounds they make and what type of music is played on each; from the violin and viola to the cello and double bass. Mr Craig asked the students whether they knew what his job is when he ‘waves his hands around’ – a show of hands proved they did, so he opened the floor to any students who were brave enough to conduct our orchestra. To his surprise, one student stood up and ‘waved her hands around,’ the hall erupted with laughter and Mr Craig thanked her for such a great job! The Riverina students were engaged throughout each mini performance and lesson, with them joining our choir with words and actions, when they sang a well-known waiata.

Thank you, Riverina Primary School for inviting us to perform this morning, we hope you enjoyed it and learnt a few new things.

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