Kayaking Lake Tarawera

March 29, 2018 at 9:36 AM

With the help of professional outdoor guides, our Year 13 Outdoor Education students had a fabulous three days of practical kayaking experience on and around Lake Tarawera near Rotorua. This was an opportunity not only to put practical skills to the test but also to learn a great deal about the area in the context of ‘challenge in the outdoors.’ 

Starting from Stoney Point Reserve at the edge of the lake, the students had to pack everything they needed for three days into their kayaks – nothing like learning to pack light! 

The purpose of the trip was working towards two Achievement Standards, notably their practical assessment 3.4 which required them to master a ‘wet exit’ from their kayak with the correct re-entry method. This was a timed assessment and the students all did a great job with some pleasing results. They were also working towards their 3.1 Achievement Standard requiring them to participate in a variety of outdoor activities to analyse the impact on future participation for lifelong well-being. 

The group kayaked across to the Tarawera Outlet camping ground for the first night. The following morning they walked to the Tarawera Waterfalls to swim in the beautiful, clear water.  The kayaks were then re-packed for the paddle across to Hot Water Beach camp ground. After setting up camp, the students enjoyed the natural hot pools close by and tramped to the historical site where the pink and white terraces once were, learning about the history of the Tarawera eruption. 

With a third and final day of fantastic weather, the group kayaked back to Stoney Point Reserve to pack up and head home having had a most successful and enjoyable trip; putting their classroom learning into practice and gaining valuable outdoor experience.

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