Junior School Book Parade

May 01, 2019 at 3:47 PM

In a week of many activities to celebrate Book Week, the Boys’ School was alive with literary action this morning, as the Junior School boys transformed into an array of characters for their annual book parade. To celebrate a love of reading, the students dressed up as their favourite book characters and paraded in front of delighted spectators in a loop around Roselle House, out onto Shore Road and back.

 ‘Where’s Wally’, Willy Wonka and the ever-popular boy wizard, Harry Potter, had a particularly strong presence. The effort that was put into the costumes was outstanding and well appreciated by the older students and parents as they cheered the youngsters on.

As the parade progressed around the school, a surprise lay in wait! A giant ‘Gingerbread Man’ leapt into their path! The look of shock on the boys’ faces was priceless, quickly replaced by smiles and laughter when they realised it was their Principal, Mr Peter Cassie!

As Mr Cassie led the rest of the way, the sound of music filled the campus. Another surprise! Five music students were playing out on the balcony, to add to the sense of occasion.

The book parade is always a vibrant event and is one that our juniors particularly love, but behind the dressing up is a strategic academic focus to make literacy fun; the parade encourages the boys to read widely and helps them to recognise the human need to tell stories to better understand ourselves and the world in which we live in. Reading plays a key role in encouraging curiosity, expanding their vocabulary and language skills, and stimulating the boys’ imaginations – all skills that will help with their wider learning.

Thank you to all parents who got into the spirit of the event to dress their boys and to those who came along to support the parade!


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