Junior Boys Get Firewise

October 31, 2014 at 10:53 AM

‘Get down, get low and get out fast!’

Our Junior School boys could hardly contain themselves when the local Remuera fire fighting team paid a visit yesterday in a gleaming red fire engine. They were bubbling over with questions to ask!

Station Officer, Rob Appleton, along with three of his fire crew, patiently worked with the boys, firstly to let them climb into the cab for a glimpse inside before explaining about the incredible equipment tucked away neatly around every side of the truck and the job that they do. Most importantly, they talked to the boys about fire safety and what they should do in the event of a fire. This was a particularly timely talk in the build up to Fireworks Night this weekend.

Thankfully most children will never need to escape from a burning building, however, the skills taught during the Firewise unit will be invaluable if ever faced with this terrifying experience.

The crew discussed safety around matches and lighters and how important it is to have smoke alarms in every home. It is a good reminder to everyone that the Fire Department will willingly arrange to install these for you if you are unable to install them yourselves. They will also take a moment to advise what you can do to ensure your home is fire safe.

The boys learnt that in the event of a fire at home, the best plan for a family is to meet at the letterbox so all family members can be accounted for. That way, when the fire service arrive, they know who is safe. They now know to ‘get down, get low and get out fast!’

Homework was set for the boys to look through a book provided by the Fire Service. They were to take the book home to discuss fire safety with the rest of the family and to work out an escape route as well as a safe meeting place.

This visit was part of a learning unit about 'Aid Agencies' and how people help us in our community.

The boys have already had a visit from the Police and next week will welcome the St John’s ambulance crew. This is all part of learning to keep themselves safe and developing an understanding of what to do in an emergency.

Our sincere thanks to these agencies for taking the time to visit and talk to our boys.

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