It Must be Spring at the Boys’ School!

September 25, 2017 at 10:09 AM

There was great excitement amongst our Year 3 boys this week when the first of their chicken eggs began to hatch! A set of ten fertile eggs was delivered in incubators to each of the Year 3 classrooms at the start of last week and as the days went by, the chicks began to hatch! It didn’t take long for the bedraggled chicks that emerged blinking into the world to soon dry off and fluff up into healthy looking yellow bundles of life! 

The eggs were supplied by the Living Egg company which specialises in providing eggs and all the equipment required for a ten day stay in a school classroom. After arriving in a warm incubator, once hatched and ready, the chicks move into a brooder box for their next stage of development. Both boxes have big, clear windows so the boys can observe all the action. 

Prior to the arrival of the eggs, the boys had discussed not only about the life cycle of chickens from a scientific perspective, but also about how they would care for them in the classroom to ensure that the young birds had the best start to life. As the boys take it in turns to feed and care for the chicks, they know to be careful in their observations and when handling them.

And when the time comes for them to say goodbye to the chicks, they are happy to know that the Living Egg company will rehome them on free range farms.

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