Incoming 2024 College Leaders

November 13, 2023 at 4:07 PM

As the current College Prefects conclude their final moments at school, we wish to recognise this outstanding group of leaders, led by Head Girl Kaia Ashmore and Head Boy Harvey White. Throughout the challenges of a full school year post-COVID, they have effectively guided their peers, balancing a busy event calendar with demanding coursework and university applications. We extend our gratitude to the Class of 2023 Prefects for their contributions to the life of Saint Kentigern College.

Looking ahead to next year, after carefully considering a great number of applications we are pleased to inform the community of the incoming 2024 College Prefects.

Congratulations to the student leaders below:


Head Prefects

Head Boy                     Ricky Shen

Head Girl                     Katelyn Quay-Chin

Deputy Head Boy        Sam McLeod

Deputy Head Girl        Tiana Gray


Bruce House  

Head Boy                     Benjamin Moughan

Head Girl                     Cassandra Cai

Deputy Girl                  Sara Triamchanchoochai

Deputy Boy                 Harry Baik



House Leader              Henry Lang

House Leader              Madeline Ballard

Prefect                         Logan Bellard

Prefect                         Audrey Lee

Prefect                         James Crosbie

Prefect                         Jaime Chandler

Service                        Kyden Chan

Chapel Prefect             Charlie Astwick



House Leader              Freddy Hitchcock

House Leader              Ruby Cutler-Welsh

Prefect                         Charlie Dickinson

Prefect                         Zahra Abeysekera

Prefect                         Isabella Hughes

Prefect                         Oscar Horton

Service                        Indigo Launder-Upton

Academic Prefect        Nicholas McKinlay

Te Amokura Prefect    Jake White



House Leader              Calla Lane

House Leader              Will Ormond

Prefect                         Lata Holi

Prefect                         Hugo Harkness

Prefect                         Harry McNamara

Prefect                         Cilla Fa'afua

Chapel Prefect             Xarya Knox

Arts Prefect                 Patrick Yu



House Leader              Amalani Taiala

House Leader              Anamia Rangihaeata

Prefect                         Imogen Perry

Prefect                         Josh Shortt

Prefect                         Toby McLean

Arts Prefect                 Amelie Carter

Arts Prefect                 Keeley Berkovits

Academic Prefect        Eric Pan



House Leader              Amaan Mohammed

House Leader (BH)      Cassandra Cai

Prefect (BH)                Benjamin Moughan

Prefect                         Sai Prabhu

Prefect                         Mahinarangi Warren

Prefect                         Maggie Robinson

Te Amokura Prefect    Manawa Rogers

Sports Prefect             Emmerson Garret

Sports Prefect             Coen Anderson



House Leader              Gracie Thomlinson

House Leader              Hame Palelei

Prefect                         Sara Adams

Prefect                         Eilish Johns

Prefect                         VJ Brown

Prefect                         Eva Paton

Prefect                         Indie Nichols

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