Igloo at the Preschool

July 31, 2014 at 8:14 AM

How many empty 2L milk bottles does it take to make an igloo? Over 432! The families at the Preschool have been very active donating their empty milk bottles and collecting them from friends and local Remuera cafes over the past two weeks.

Once, enough milk bottles had been collected (and diligently rinsed!), building the igloo took the staff three whole days to carefully stack and hot glue together from glue guns donated from both the Boys’ School and the College.

The idea for the fun recycling project sprang from a picture that Preschool Director, Mrs Sue Nash brought in when the Preschool was first opened in 2011 – and now has been completed!

The activity is a part of the Preschool’s study on seasons and helps to give the young children an understanding about a variety of winter time topics such as ice and snow and how the Innuit culture lives.

It is also a great lead up to their focus topic on winter next week and ‘snow day’ on Monday 4th August when they will be having four tonne of snow dumped at Preschool.

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