How Wacky Can You Be?

June 13, 2013 at 9:33 AM

Saint Kentigern Preschool had a huge turnout at a fantastic family social event recently at their Wacky Hair and Crazy Hat Disco.

Kick off was at 5.30pm with the families arriving with their dinner, and while the parents socialised with each other to begin with, the children were too excited to eat and went straight to the ‘disco room’!

Preschool had been transformed with balloons, streamers, fluorescent posters, party string and a glittery floor. The iPad was rocking with all the favourite songs selected by the children - Gangnam Style, Katy Perry, One Direction, Justin Bieber, as well as the old classics like the Locomotion and Macarena.

The disco floor was full of a rainbow assortment of coloured wigs, teased and sprayed hair, spiked and coloured hair, and an array of great costumes complete with what every disco needs - glow sticks!

It was great to see the staff and parents getting into the swing of the evening with their own version of dancing, and some even enjoyed the chance to wear their own coloured wigs and crazy hats.

Another highly successful evening came to an end at 7.30pm, with some very tired but excited children heading home to bed.

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