How ‘Things’ Work

August 16, 2017 at 2:46 PM

A search of Google or a touch of a button can solve all manner of ‘things’ nowadays, but there are some ‘things’ that just can’t be fixed without the right tool – and, just as importantly, the knowledge to know how that tool works!

With Roselle House well under reconstruction, bringing a daily ebb and flow of workmen and their tools, the Year 1 boys’ latest unit of study has been considering ‘How the world works – All tools have different functions.’ With several lines of enquiry that have seen them brainstorming the shape of tools, what they are made of and how we use them, they have gathered a host of facts and ideas.

At school, they began by assembling many of the ‘tools’ that we take for granted. From glue sticks to tape dispensers, hole punchers, staplers, pencil sharpeners and scissors; the boys looked at the form and function of each. From this first foray, they concluded that tools are designed to help us do things more quickly and easily, and came to understand that even our own hands are remarkably useful tools.

From school items, they moved on to think of tools around the home that assist with our chores such as a vacuum cleaner, a blender or items as simple as a vegetable peeler or egg beater; each designed to make life easier.

In the wider community, they gave attention to hand tools and larger machinery, including those with wheels, gaining an understanding of how early technology progressed with the invention of the wheel to move people and ‘things.’

To extend their understanding, the boys boarded a bus to visit the local Bunnings hardware store. Dressed in hi-visibility yellow vests for safety, they took it in turns to work with store staff to follow instructions to construct a wooden hoopla game and to tour the ‘tools’ section making notes and observations about the shape and function of the wide variety of tools on display. Who knew that hammers and saws come in so many different sizes and shapes that are fit for purpose? The Year 1 boys do now!

Our grateful thanks to the Bunnings staff who hosted our group this morning and to the many parents who took the time to accompany us. Your help is invaluable for trips such as this, to further the boys’ learning beyond the classroom. 



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