How do we communicate if we don’t use spoken words?

July 25, 2022 at 4:07 PM

In Term 2, our Kauri room children at the Preschool explored the use of sign language. It started as a lesson coinciding with Sign Language Week in May. However, our children’s keen interest has seen them further develop this skill substantially during the term.  

Preschool teacher Jacqui Foley explained, “It was a great opportunity for us to introduce one of New Zealand’s official languages to our children. Our children really impressed us with their ability to grasp the new language. They were quick to learn the hand signs and were able to recall them well.”

The learning of sign language was an opportunity for us to help our children appreciate that people who cannot hear or speak use sign language as a way to communicate and express themselves. Our children were captivated to learn different signs and amazed to have learnt a form of communication they could use with others around them.

We continued to use these signs as part of our everyday practice with children in the Kauri room during the term and they now know how to sign quite a number of words such as hello, Mum, Dad, please, toilet, food, and good to meet you.

Do ask your child to share with you words they have learnt!

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