House Relays for Boys' and Girls' Schools

November 19, 2013 at 12:49 PM

Congratulations to the boys of Cargill and the girls of Wishart who ran their way to victory at the House Relay Cup last week. Again this year, the Girls’ School joined to the Boys’ School on the top field, each running in their own competition.

It was an exciting afternoon full of racing and swift baton changeovers as each year group from 0-8 ran their hardest for their house. Gathered together in their house groups, the girls and boys on the side-lines cheered and chanted with fantastic team spirit!

A big congratulations to everyone who ran and all the students who encouraged others and cheered them on, you are all winners.

Boys’ School House Relay Cup
1st – Cargill, 350 points
2nd – Chalmers, 274 points
3rd – Hamilton, 212 points
4th – Wishart, 188 points

Girls’ School House Relay Cup
1st – Wishart, 62 points
2nd – Hamilton, 53 points
3rd – Cargill, 35 points
4th – Chalmers, 26 points

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