Hamilton Wins House Swimming

February 07, 2013 at 12:00 PM

The first major College Sporting event was held at the swimming pool during the second week of term.  After three days of preliminary races across all age groups in the first week of school, hundreds of students dived in to gain valuable House points. The top eight swimmers from each event competed on finals day.  Hamilton house gained the most preliminary points and carried the advantage on to finals day.

On finals day 148 students competed for their House and for championship points.  The weather stayed dry and there was a great atmosphere at the pool when all the Houses marched in and started cheering for their swimmers.  There were some very close races in all age groups. It was also good to welcome competitors from the Girls’ School in the top three of many  of the Girls’ Year 7 and 8 races. Of note, the girls from the Girls’ School streaked ahead in the Year 8 relay race.  The day finished with some fiercely competitive House relays followed by the Staff beating the prefects once again in the final race of the day.

Congratulations in particular to Hayden Church, Benjamin Fleming, Olivia Overfield and Josh Harfield who won every race they entered.

Champions for 2013

Year 7 Girls         

1 Olivia Overfield. Chalmers
2= Amber Carmichael-Lowe. Hamilton
2= Lucy Wienk. Wishart 

Year 7 Girls Results including Girls School

1 Olivia Overfield. Chalmers
2 Lucy Frazer. Cargill
3 Olivia Montgomery. Chalmers

Year 7 Boys        

1 Josh Harford. Cargill
2 Connor Mckenzie. Cargill
3 Campbell Tonkin. Wishart                      

Year 8 Girls         

1 Elizabeth Ellis. Hamilton
2 Jaimee Mudford. Wishart
3 Courtney Rees. Hamilton

Year 8 Girls Results including Girls School

1 Anna Lowther. Hamilton
2 Chelsea Simmons. Wishart
3 Bethan Montgomery. Chalmers

 Year 8 Boys        

1 Leo Chow. Wishart
2 Ryan Church. Chalmers
3 Dylan McCullough. Hamilton

Junior Girls         

1 Risa Miyaura. Hamilton
2 Mayah Coleman. Wishart
3 Tessa Hill. Cargill

Junior Boys        

1 Benjamin Fleming. Hamilton
2 Alexander McDonald. Hamilton
3 James Gordon. Cargill

Intermediate Girls          

1 Emma Hanley. Wishart
2 Samantha Brown. Wishart
3 Paige Hourigan. Hamilton             

Intermediate Boys         

1 Hayden Church. Chalmers
2 Joshua Scally-Sherbourne. Chalmers
3 Matthew McCullough. Hamilton                               

Senior Girls        

1 Cassandra Harvey. Hamilton
2 Josie Clow. Wishart
3 Laura Myers. Hamilton                               

Senior Boys       

1 Philip Tong. Chalmers
2 Samuel Fleming. Hamilton
3 Timothy Mudford. Wishart


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