Hamilton Wins House Chess

September 26, 2017 at 9:40 AM

After two terms of intense competition involving almost 100 boys from across the Houses, four Middle School and four Senior School boys worked their way to the top of the table for a place in the House Chess final yesterday, played in front of the whole school! 

The first recorded chess competitions took place in the mid- 19th century; in the intervening 170 years, it’s a pretty safe bet that there has never been another competition to match this one! This was not a hushed space with time to reflect on the next move. More attuned to a gathering at a boxing ring, the entire school encircled the giant chess board with house chants ringing out across the hall! With only 20 minutes to complete the game, with a maximum 30 seconds allocated per move, our competitors were kept on their toes thinking through the next move! 

The top two players from each age group played on the giant board whilst those vying for 3rd and 4th played on a regular board in the Chapel sanctuary. Well done to all eight players. Scott Nel won the Middle School section for Wishart with Alexander Coates winning the senior section helping Hamilton House towards the overall House Cup!

Middle School Results:

  • 1st Scott Nell – Wishart
  • 2nd Will Ormond – Hamilton
  • 3rd Oliver Corbett – Cargill
  • 4th Oliver Schnauer – Chalmers


Senior School Results:

  • 1st Alexander Coates – Hamilton
  • 2nd Roshan Ter Wal – Chalmers
  • 3rd Ferguson Muthu – Cargill
  • 4th John Zhu – Wishart


Overall House Results:

  • 1st Hamilton
  • 2nd Wishart
  • 3rd Equal Cargill and Chalmers


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