Hamilton Wins College Swimming – Again, Again!

February 14, 2017 at 4:41 PM

For the third year in succession, Hamilton has pulled ahead early in the term to claim victory in the pool at the College Swimming Sports. This, despite there now being six Houses vying for the title! For the first time, the two new houses, Stark and Wilson, paraded into the pool to make their mark, adding teal and purple to the line-up of House colours.  The new Houses have been named after Scottish Martyrs, Margaret Wilson and Helen Stark - the first Houses to be named after females.

Preliminary heats had been raced during the first weeks of Term 1, to award House points for participation and determine which swimmers would race in the finals. Stark clearly set out to forge a new path, taking out top honours in the early participation stakes.

On finals afternoon, the atmosphere around the pool was buzzing as the first group of swimmers took their mark. The noise was deafening as the races got underway and the students cheered on their House representatives. Once again we welcomed Year 7 and 8 swimmers from the Girls’ School who put in a strong performance.

With the final marks tallied, Stark slipped back into third place after some very competitive swimming from Hamilton and Chalmers. The day concluded with the annual staff v prefects race. Who won? Hard to tell but each would like to claim the victory!

Congratulations to all swimmers, age-group champions and Hamilton for holding onto their title at the first House event for the year.






Senior Girls

Lisa Miyaura H

Mayah Coleman W

Anna Wilkinson Ch

Senior Boys

Ben Fleming H

James Gordon S

Matthew Sills W

Intermediate Girls

Grace Chang Ca

Beth Harford S

Maddy Clarke H

Intermediate Boys

Cam Church Ch

Josh Harford Ca

Eamon Foley Wn

Junior Girls

Brooke Hill Ch

India Doo W

Sophie Spencer Ch

Junior Boys

Will Bason Ch

Danny Wang Ca

Jack Treneman Ch

Year 8 Girls SKC & SKGS

Isabella Campion Ch

Eva Colyer Ca

Kate Frazer Ca

Year 8 Girls SKC

Isabella Campion Ch

Jess Keyte H

Laura Lightfoot H

Year 8 Boys

Santiago Johnson Wn

Alex Perry W

Jack Arbuckle S & Bailey Liu Ch

Year 7 Girls SKC & SKGS

Kaia Ashmore W

Zara Nelson W

Olivia Rooney H

Year 7 Girls SKC

Kaia Ashmore W

Ruby Spring Ch

Charlotte Richardson Wn

Year 7 Boys

Sunny Sun W

Harry Moulder H

Sam Van Den Brink W


























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